Review, few month after


A little review of the Lenovo S8 after few months of use. I think that the hardware is not so bad. The battery is good, photos are not bad. But the software is shit. The OS is slow, laggy. And it is difficult to trust the security of such a jailbraked software.

Therefore I ordered a phone that is designed to last long : The Fairephone 2. I will give you updates about it.

Aurous is here !


The Popcorn time of Music is there now !
Download from the 64 or 32 bits version. Unzip into a folder, chmod +x on linux/jxbrowser-chromium.

You’ll need Java8 to run it. On linux, follow this link tutorial if you dont have access to java 8 in the repo (apt like). Then $ sudo apt-get -t unstable install openjdk-8-jdk

I needed to install sudo apt-get -t unstable install openjfx as said here

Convert from DVD to mp4

Hi all. Really small tutorial on how to build a mp4 from your .iso DVD (to cast to chromecast for example).

On Linux : Simply type this code. Note that you might have several VTS_*.VOB to concat.

ffmpeg -i concat:"Downloads/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_1.VOB|Downloads/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_2.VOB|Downloads/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_3.VOB" -vcodec libx264 output.mp4



We’ll be migrating to a new server soon. So expect some changes.

See you soon !

Use of it.

Hi, I installed custom rom some weeks ago and rooted it.

A short feedback : I still have some words in chinese. Not too ennoying be it remember me that this phone is still not perfect. It is specially the contacts app and Lenovo_Call_UI that have some things in chinese. Battery is good, I use the phone 2-3 hours a day and it can last two days like this.
Photos are not perfect. I would say they are worst than my iPhone 4S. A bit slow to shoot.
I also noticed that charging it with laptop is very slow (1h 10%) but quick with usual transformator.
Nothing more to say… Doing the job.

Rooted !


I didn’t manage to create my own ROM without the ennoying apps. So I rooted it !

See the tutorial HERE !

Block system apps

I got some ennoying apps thare where pre-installed in the ROM I got. Here is my solution to avoid them to show popups, adds etc. (Vibe UI 2.5) :

Go to Mobile network settings

2015-06-09 07.31.13Then to Data usage and APP control 2015-06-09 07.31.27

.One choose Traffic monitor 2015-06-09 07.31.49. Then Network monitor. You disable all the apps that are preinstalled and you want to be inactive. I choosed :2015-06-09 07.32.15 fist “I Love Wallpaper” that was showing adds.




It’s always good to see what “Lang” mean in the ROM.

Here are some screenshots of all the languages available.2015-06-09 07.28.232015-06-09 07.28.142015-06-09 07.28.062015-06-09 07.27.592015-06-09 07.27.512015-06-09 07.27.51 2015-06-09 07.27.432015-06-09 07.27.322015-06-09 07.27.242015-06-09 07.27.15

New ROM !

Screenshot_2015-06-05-09-28-56-312Screenshot_2015-06-05-09-29-46-404IMG_20150605_093552Screenshot_2015-06-05-09-41-34-321 Screenshot_2015-06-05-09-37-44-279


We can see that the translation is not perfect.

Antutu benchmark is the same as the one with original ROM.

II will provide the used ROM. Click HERE

Tutorial, waiting for ROM


From the link in last post, I’m looking for the A7600 Lang ROM. Updating this thread as soon as I got one ! Bonus : A good review of this phone.